Actually my world is mainly fulfilled with oil colors, perfect medium to characterized the themes of my imagination, where mystique atmosphere connect lights and shadows in realistic and surrealistic painting too.

My way of painting is in continuous evolution. For several years I was used to improve my creativity combining different techniques and materials known so far. Through selected fields of art, I’ve tried to express my thoughts, emotions, inspiration. Otherwise, actually, my paintings are exclusively made with oil or watercolors.

Acquired awareness and knowledge of the various techniques, allowed me so far to participate in many competitions of art in Poland, Italy and Spain. All the artworks, are presented and sold in different galleries all over the Europe.



Powalkas Personal Exhibition „Test of Strenght” – Contemporary Art Gallery „ELEKTROWNIA” – CZELADŹ (PL)

Collective paintings Exhibition „Metamorfoza” – The City Gallery – WROCŁAW (PL)

Paintings Exhibition of Powalka Gallery on Four Seasons Art Fair – Loods 6 – AMSTERDAM (NL)

Collective paintings Exhibition „Metamorfoza” – Contemporary Art Gallery – KOŁOBRZEG (PL)

Collective paintings Exhibition „Metamorfoza” – Art Gallery in Józef Brandt’s Art School – RADOM (PL)

Collective paintings Exhibition „Metamorfoza” – Cultural Center Browar B – WŁOCŁAWEK (PL)

Collective paintings Exhibition „Metamorfoza” – The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre – GDAŃSK (PL)

Powalkas Personal Exhibition „Timeline” – Art Gallery, officyna art & design – WARSAW (PL)


Drawings, illustrations and painting exposition Powalka Gallery – “Odeon” gallery – CZELADZ (PL) 


Personal exhibition “Zoolandia” – disco pub “NEW MAGAZINE” – MASSAFRA (IT)

Personal exhibition “Zoolandia” -“MISCELANEA” gallery – BARCELLONA (ESP)


“Free Port of Art” – First collective exposition CEI contemporary and  visual art – TRIESTE (IT)

“Vicinanze Urbane” – Collective exposition in the old city center – MASSAFRA (IT)


„Dom droga istnienia” („Home- way of existence ”) – post competition collective paintings exhibition, city art gallery – CZĘSTOCHOWA (PL)

Collective paintings exhibition, “Atrio Ufficio Anagrafe” – MASSAFRA (IT)

„Pomiędzy” („Between”) – collective exposition gallery „Odeon” – CZELADZ (PL)


Personal exhibition at the event EXPO SPOSA, Sant’Agostino Church – MASSAFA (IT)


„Malarstwo i ilustracja” („Painting and illustration”) – collective exhibition, Provincial Administration Art Gallery – BĘDZIN (PL)


Personal painting exhibition , gallery „Exlibris”, city library – CZELADZ (PL)

„12,6 mkw” – collective exposition “ Dr. Lesław Tetla Group”, GCK – KATOWICE (PL)


„Młodzi z tąd” („Giovani di qui”) – esposizione collettiva, Galeria „Odeon”- CZELADZ (PL)

  Competitions, awards:


First prize in Four Seasons Art Fair – Loods 6 – AMSTERDAM (NL)


Second place „Dom – droga istnienia” (Home – way of existence), VII Triennale Sacred Art (Painting section) – CZĘSTOCHOWA (PL)


Award for merit as the student with the best votes achieved  – Academy of Fine Arts – KATOWICE (PL)


Third place “Logo creation EUROSAI” (INTOSAI)



Achieve the university degree presenting a book serie written, edited and illustrated by the student himselves, titled “Opowiadania Niebiańskiego Zakonu” (Tales of the Heavenly Order) created under the supervision of the prof. Tomasz Jura (teacher for illustration and usefull drawing class) and a painting work attached “Siatka pomieszczeń” (Interiors web) under the supervision of the prof. Zbigniew Blukacz.

2004 – 2009

Student by the Katowice’s Academy of Fine Arts, graphic department with illustration specialization.

2003 – 2004

Art and design high school of Łódź (projecting and photography department). 

 Work experience:


Sketch creation for the association  “Assi da coppe e denari” and later painting of the paper puppets of the carnival float  “Ma dove vai se la banana non ce l’hai?” in occasion of the “61rst Massafra Carnival Parade” – MASSAFRA (IT)

Creation of the corporate design, advertising campaign and products graphic design for the firm “Leone di Puglia” – PALAGIANO (IT)

Cooperation with Supermemo World s.p.zoo, PWN Group – MEMO THE DRAGON II – POZNAŃ (PL)


Cooperation with Supermemo World s.p.zoo, PWN Group – MEMO THE DRAGON I – POZNAŃ (PL)


Freelancer in Italy and Poland


Collaboration with the firm GATEL, Massafra – progettazione logo, pubblicita’ creativa – MASSAFRA (IT)

Commissioned concept art and digital graphics for the architectural office “ANTA ARCHITEKCI” – ŁÓDŹ (PL)

Logo project commissioned by the civic party “Nuovo Movimento per i Diritti del Popolo”  – PALAGIANO (IT)


Graphic designer at the „Printgraf” firm (creation of illustrated catalogues, billboards, advertising campaign) – CZELADŹ (PL)


Project of the pictograms that represent the most interesting and characteristic places of Czeladź city (series of signs and billboard-posters) – CZELADŹ (PL)

Project of the photo album for the city of Czeladź (first half ‘900) titled “Czeladź między wojnami” (Czeladź between the wars) – CZELADŹ (PL)

Plastic reproduction 1:100 of two churches (end XIX century). Project and realization –  – CZELADŹ (PL)


Creation of logo and web banners for the “TIMMEDIA” firm – KATOWICE (PL)

Creation of illustrations aimed, at the use of these last, in a dictionary for dyslexic children (EIS agency)


Scene painter for the theater connected at the Golf Hotel Paradiso – PESCHIERA del GARDA (IT)

  Language skills:

Polish: mother tongue

Italian: good

English: good

  Informatics software skills:

Adobe Photoshop: excellent/advanced

Adobe Illustrator: excellent/advanced

Adobe Indesign: excellent/advanced

Adobe Flash: good

Coreldraw:  excellent/advanced